Singapore Optometric Association

Driving Public Awareness & Raising Eye Health Literacy From Education to Action

A Tripartite Initiative

6 months' pilot partnership with AIA Singapore to reach 100,000 vitality members, to increase eye health awareness.

Step 1: Education

6 Eye Health Seminars in 2021

Professional optometrists from Singapore Optometric Association covering topics such as:

  1. Eye health:
    – Screen time
    – Near work
    – Healthy eye care habits
  2. Digital Eye Strain
  3. Understanding eye health and the effects of myopia

Step 2: Action

Eye Health Screening for only SGD$80

  1. Personal consultation
  2. Refraction for Distance and Near vision
  3. Assessment of Dry Eye
  4. Screening for common eye conditions: Myopia, cataract, diabetic retinopathy & glaucoma
  5. Eye health check report & summary